KVKK Illumination Text


In accordance with the provisions of the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“KVKK” or “Law), any information that makes your identity specific or identifiable is defined as personal data. Personal data of special nature is data related to race, ethnicity, political thought, philosophical belief, religion, sect or other beliefs, dress and clothing, membership to associations, foundations or trade unions, health, sexual life, criminal convictions and security measures. and biometric and genetic data.

This Clarification Text (“Enlightening Text”), in line with the importance we give to your personal data as Gökçe Türkoğlu (“Company”) as the data controller; It has been prepared with the aim of informing the relevant persons about the collection, processing, transfer, protection and data security of personal data of our customers, members, website visitors in accordance with KVKK and related secondary legislation.

We would like to state that we show utmost sensitivity to the privacy and security of your personal data and that all necessary technical and administrative security measures have been taken by us to protect this data.

Data Controller


Ag Film Yapım Aş, whose operating address is "Arnavutköy Mahallesi Kireçhane Sok No:5 Beşiktaş/İSTANBUL", as the Data Controller, may process your personal data within the scope of the following purposes, and transfer it to third parties in cases permitted by the legislation and/or limited to the purpose for which they are processed.


Your personal data; It is processed in accordance with the principles of keeping in accordance with the rules of law and honesty, accurately and when necessary, for current, specific, clear and legitimate purposes and in connection with the purpose for which they are processed, in a limited and measured manner and for the period required by the relevant legislation or for the purpose for which they are processed.

Personal Data Collection Method


Your personal data, in accordance with the basic principles stipulated in the KVKK and depending on our commercial activities, by automatic or non-automatic methods, through our Company's website, social media channels and/or verbally, in writing or electronically during your visit to our Company and our website. can be collected.

Processing of Personal Data and Purposes of Processing


Our company, in the capacity of Data Controller, will be able to process your personal data listed below for the aforementioned legal reasons and purposes, within the scope specified below.

  • Identity Information (name, surname, TR identity)
  • Contact Information (address, mobile phone, e-mail)
  • Shopping Information (shopping date, time, amount, content, payment method, payment details, invoice information, etc.)
  • Your other personal data that you personally convey within the framework of your requests, suggestions and complaints,
  • If you use our website, your behavior and digital trace information obtained through cookies,

Our company, as the data controller, within the framework of Articles 5 and 6 of the KVKK and in line with its activities; Providing the products and services requested by the customers/users in line with their needs, sending your orders to the specified addresses, fulfilling the obligations arising under the contract, planning and executing the commercial works, keeping the records regarding the services benefited by the customers/users/members, realizing the campaigns, sweepstakes and announcements made within our company. , communication activities, realization of our commercial activities through the provision of our services as a Company, carrying out the necessary studies and conducting related business processes, conducting information security processes, issuing invoices in accordance with the current legislation, presentation, live broadcasting and sharing on the social media accounts of the Company and broadcasting, sharing the information requested with the relevant public institutions and organizations in accordance with the relevant legislation, maintaining the information regarding the customer / user data that must be kept as per the relevant legislation, conducting communication activities, carrying out the goods / services after-sales support services, providing the goods / service sales processes. executing customer relationship management processes, executing activities for customer satisfaction, executing advertising / campaign / promotion processes, executing personalized sales and marketing activities if you allow, executing marketing and analysis studies, executing contract processes, executing marketing processes of products and services, Management of relations with business partners and suppliers, planning of customer relations management processes, customer satisfaction, follow-up of requests and complaints, execution of legal works and transactions and ibid, creating and tracking visitor records for the website and/or mobile application, ensuring the security of the Company's campus, informing authorized institutions and organizations regarding the obligations arising from the relevant legislation, and meeting the demands of the relevant persons, in accordance with the Law. can obtain, save, store, update, periodically control, transfer or process personal data to third parties, in part or in whole, with the consent of the data owner and with the express consent of the data owner, when necessary, verbally, in writing or electronically, through channels.

Transfer of Personal Data


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E-Mail                         :  thetableteller@gmail.com


Our company, in order to realize the above-mentioned data processing purposes and limited to the above-mentioned purposes, provided that adequate measures are taken within the framework of security and confidentiality principles in accordance with Article 8 of the KVKK; located in the country; Our company's business partners, contracted institutions due to their activities, companies that receive service/support/consultancy or cooperation by the Company, cargo companies and other 3rd persons or organizations, Company's consultants, shareholders or solution partners, suppliers or contractors, legal may share these data with public institutions or organizations authorized to request such data as a necessity, and other relevant official authorities, including but not limited to these.


Our company, in order to realize the above-mentioned data processing purposes and limited to the stated purposes, the said personal data, in accordance with the 9th article of the KVKK and in a limited manner, to the solution partners from whom we receive services in the fields of server, software, information technologies, cookie registration, etc. and transfer it to support/service providers.

The Company may process and store personal data on servers located in Turkey or abroad or in other electronic media, provided that necessary security measures are taken within the framework of the above-mentioned purposes.

Rights of Personal Data Owners


Personal data owners have the following rights in accordance with Article 11 of the KVKK:

  • Learning whether the company processes personal data relating to them and which personal data,
  • Getting information about the purposes of the processing activity,
  • Knowing the third parties to whom the Company transfers personal data in the country or abroad,
  • Requesting correction of personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing,
  • Requesting the deletion or destruction of personal data in accordance with the Law,
  • In case of request for correction, deletion or destruction of personal data; requesting notification of the transactions made to third parties to whom personal data has been transferred,
  • Objecting to the emergence of a result against the person by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems
  • Demanding the removal of the damage in case the personal data is processed unlawfully and the data owner suffers damage for this reason.

Data Controller and Application Procedure within the scope of the Law


Your requests within the scope of your rights specified in Article 11 of the Law as a Personal Data Owner,

You can submit your identity documents in writing (such as identity card, driver's license, passport) to our Company by making an application in person, or you can send it to the e-mail address : thetableteller@gmail.com.


  • Name, surname and signature of the Personal Data Owner, if the application is written,
  • For citizens of the Republic of Türkiye, T.R. identification number, nationality for foreigners, passport number or identification number, if any,
  • Domain or workplace address for notification,
  • E-mail address, telephone and fax number for notification, if any,
  • The subject of the request should be specified, information and documents related to the subject should be attached to the application.

For written applications, the date of notification of the document to our Company is the application date. In applications made by other methods; The date the application reaches our Company is the application date.

Due requests sent to our company will be finalized within 30 (thirty) days at the latest. In case the conclusion of the aforementioned requests requires an additional cost, our Company may charge the applicant the fee in the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Board.


Data Controller         :  Ag Film Yapım Aş

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